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Welcome to IsoChem Logistics! We are a intermodal isotank container depot company based in Houston, TX. Our team of professional mechanic, cleaner & transporters looks forward to helping you with all your intermodal needs.

Intermodal logistics has been in our DNA for generations and we have a long history in the industry. We specialize in isotanks, flexitanks, ibc, tanks chassis, cleaning & transportation. Read more about the services we offer. Want to read what our customers have been saying? Check out our customer testimonials and find out why we should be YOUR choice in service provider!

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Trucking rates: Iris Williams


Paul Eaglin / Tiera Brown

Depot Operation:

Michael Dixon / Daryus Durham / Angie Criss

Accounting: Nhu Huynh

Terminal Manager: Tom Wesner


President: Jeff Durham




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IsoChem Logistics LLC

11000 Beaumont Hwy

Houston, TX 77078

Contact: Jeff Durham / Nhu Huynh


Business Hours 8:00AM - 5:00PM Monday thru Friday

Closed for Lunch 12-1PM

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